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Make life easier, reduce defects, and save money. Snap AP Automation allows your organization to become electronic and paperless in your Purchase Order and Accounts Payable processes. With the concept of up-front controls, you will see fewer defects downstream and much more improved processing cycle times enabling the capture of discounts for favourable payment terms. Fully automate your accounts payable system. Defects will be reduced by 80% to 95%!

It’s a snap… for everyone involved

Our SnapAP Accounts Payable Automation Software has been designed to provide one process to handle ALL invoices, whether covered by a purchase order - or not, including employee expense reports. The interface is comparable with online-banking and is available 24/7 from anywhere with a high-speed Internet connection. Suppliers are provided with online-access to the status of all their invoices, eliminating paper statements and time consuming phone calls. AP Automation made easy... for everyone involved! Would you like to know more?

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